Student Ministry

All the sidebar widget information is being pulled automatically from Church Community Builder (CCB) through CCBPress. The top sidebar widget is the content from the “Student Ministry” Group inside CCB. The logo is the graphic assigned to the group and the verbiage under the logo is the description for the group. Johnny Appleseed is the group leader and his contact information. All of those are optional fields that you can choose to show or not show.

The bottom sidebar widgets are the Upcoming Events widget but specifically for the “Student Ministry” Group inside CCB.  You can list up to 100 events and you can have this on every ministry page that’s connected to a group inside CCB.  You can click on each event and see that they go to a single event page that lists the description of the event and date/time. The beauty in all this is that whenever an event is added inside CCB, it’s automatically current on the website, rather than the information having to be duplicated, which causes everything to not always be in sync. Notice there are two different versions of the events widget. You can style them anyway you want, but we’ve also got some built-in options to make it more graphical (icon) date with a color of your choice or text date.